Friday, March 17, 2006

Pooker's New Haircut

Daniel's dad recently went where I've never been bold enough to go and got the Pooker a really close-cropped haircut. It's all fuzzy and cute. I have my reasons for never daring to get it done myself (okay, his head is totally deformed, all right??), but the new cut has proven my fears unfounded -- you can't see any of the bumps or dents or the weird flat spot in the back:

I particularly love how it emphasizes his ears. I LOVE Pooker's ears (I know, I know, someday he will grow to despise them and grow his hair all shaggy and long like the lead singer of a British rock band, and I will spend all my days nagging at him to get a haircut):

Dontcha just want to pinch his little cheeks?

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Scrapbooking Retreat Photos

Here is my goofy sister on our recent scrapbooking retreat:

She will likely be angry with me for posting these photos, but I can't help it -- I think they're hilarious, and totally representative of how foolish we get late at night on our retreats...
Here we all are.... Rockettes we're not...
(from left, Stacey, Abigail, me, Mom)

And look! It's Kresta and me!!
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