Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Perfect Ending

Some people I know are all bitter that The Bachelor chose the girl named Shayne on the season finale last night, but I happen to think it was the perfect ending. I mean, the dude isn't all that deep. It's not like he ever made any bones about looking for some tremendously deep and amazing spiritual connection -- he was just looking for someone he felt comfortable with enough to hang out with every day for the rest of his life (I'm taking him at his word here and assuming that his desire to meet that special someone was as authentic as it could be given the circumstances of the show). And while I did not watch every single episode, I did keep up on Television Without Pity, so I am fully aware that the other girls in the house all couldn't stand Shayne. And it is my theory that the girl in the house that all the other girls hate is always the correct choice for the bachelor -- this is the one girl who is most definitely there for him; she is fully aware that she isn't there to be making friends with the other girls or whatever. She's there to be with the guy. And because this girl is aware of this, it makes the other girls mad, because they all want to pretend like this is a more romantic way to meet a man than Match.com or speed dating. And it's not. And they don't like to be reminded of that. So they pile up on the girl who isn't afraid to admit that.

Shayne and Matt are perfect for each other because they both seem to be those sorts of people who rarely look inward; they coast through life on good looks and a jovial personality, and hard work at careers that slightly more talented people wouldn't have to work at (acting and business, respectively). Each thinks the other is awesome, and they therefore have fun together. He is British and therefore seems slightly older than he actually is, so Shayne can work out her daddy issues with him, and be part of a family like she never had growing up. Poor thing has been on her own since she was 17! She needs someone to take care of her, and you can totally tell that Matt wants to take care of her.

If Matt had chosen Chelsea, the relationship would have been doomed by constant conversations about feelings and stuff, and he would've had to end it before it even really began. I can totally imagine the phone conversations he and Shayne were probably having during the weeks they had to stay apart until the finale aired -- it was probably a lot of flirting and baby talk and possibly veered into outright phone sex. Whereas Chelsea would have wanted to talk about her feelings, and Matt's feelings, and make grand romantic plans for when they would be together next. I suspect Shayne's plans for that were much more practical, if you catch my drift, and didn't require extensive planning or discussion.

I predict that this will be that rare Bachelor relationship that actually lasts for a little while. I suspect they might even make it down the aisle. I can only hope he insists she walk down the aisle, rather than straddling his back and making him carry her.