Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Ceremony

Top: Daniel wasn't that interested in the poetry readings.
Middle: Our friend Sandy was one of our readers.

The Processional


This is another favorite of mine. Kira's going to be a movie star someday.

The Groomspeople

Top Photo, L-R: Jenny, Adam, Steve, Rob, Russ, and Kyle.


Top: Rob and me with my mom and dad.
Middle: With Rob's dad and mom.
Bottom: The whole gang (mostly - missing Aspen, and Rob's stepmom, sister and brother, who couldn't make it out for the wedding).

The Wedding Party

I can't recall what everyone was laughing about in the top photo. Must have been good to get Julia going like that!
From Left to Right: Stacey (my sister); Beth (best friend from high school); Robin (sorority sister); flower girl Julia; Kira; Me; Kresta (another best friend from high school); and Heather (insurance coworker/partner in crime). Not pictured: Aspen, who was not down with this whole photo shoot.

The Bridal Party