Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Month In Music

I've been composing a great entry in my head about writing and why I do it and why I think I can do it and why it's haaaaaaaarrrrd, but it's not quite there yet and I really don't want to keep putting off a post, so I'm doing that thing where I resort to posting a bunch of music and calling it good. 

Here are the songs that are carrying me into summer: 


Twin Shadow, "To The Top". I don't know anything about this band but the shadow in the video looks like it's wearing one of Pharrell's hats. The song is amazing in a 1980s-met-early-2000s-alt-rock-and-wants-its-hairstyle-back way. 

(I have no idea what I'm talking about. I make this shit up as I go, guys.)


This is a great folk-rock band called Mighty Oaks that my sister turned me on to, with a song called "Just One Day". Their first album is an expensive import but luckily they have an EP on iTunes and Amazon. It's just the right amount of mellow. There are for sure banjos. Occasional banjos. But it's not bluegrass/newgrass/rockgrass/whatever. 


This is "Miramare" by Sons of the East. Also one my sister introduced me to (the student becomes the master... that's a little inside joke just for her). Also very folk-rocky. Love it. 


Ed Sheeran's "All of the Stars" from The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack. This is one of those songs I can hear a kabillion times and not get tired of it. It's beautiful. I'm not usually a huge Ed Sheeran fan but this -- this is perfection. 


JT, y'all! "Not A Bad Thing". Another song I never get tired of. You know who DOES get tired of it? All the people who share the road with me on my evening commute, when I roll the windows down and blare this one and sing along. I love how it sounds all kind of boy-bandy and sweet. Justin, I love you.

And last but not least, MJ and JT:


"Love Never Felt So Good". I feel like I am the only person I know who loves this song. It makes me happy. The video makes me even happier.