Friday, September 12, 2008

Weirdly Random Update About Pre-Wedding Excitement

I figure I should update just because I haven't since August 13th, a few days into the Olympics and the Olympics are long over now, or so it seems. But... I got nothin'.

Well, here's one thing: We're getting married in two weeks. Two weeks from tomorrow! I'm so excited. Tried on my dress the other night -- it still fits, so that rocks. Rob's bachelor party is tomorrow. It sounds a little wild and zany. My bachelorette party is going to be a decidedly lower key affair at my favorite place (and former Jack Kerouac hangout, not that it matters), My Brother's Bar. We were going to try some salsa dancing at this one nightclub but some of us just were not in the mood. It'll be a lot of fun anyway. My Brother's Bar has amazing burgers and onion rings, and the bartenders mix awesome cocktails. Yeah, I've totally come to a point in my life where I'd rather have amazing burgers and onion rings and a really good Bloody Mary than go dancing at some big salsa club.

(See? This is boring, like the lame shit people write on LiveJournal.)

There are so many reasons I'm excited about the wedding. Getting married to Rob, for one thing. He's so wonderful. Even though he just told me he scratched my favorite LeCreuset stock pot by trying to scrub the bottom of it with a brillo pad -- I love him anyway. In fact, I kind of love him more because of that. Like he sat here for an hour looking all panicked because he was afraid to tell me. Like I was going to just get up and leave, or throw him out. "That's it, we're over." No. Don't think so. I mean, for one thing, he was actually in the kitchen scrubbing pots.

I can't wait to see my friends that are coming in from out of town. There will be Kate, Craig and Ella from Nevada. I haven't seen Kate and Craig since their wedding 10 years ago! That's just wrong. And they are coming with their daughter Ella, who is a year younger than The Pook. I've known Kate since we were four years old, and our dads both worked for Anaconda in Utah. She and her mom came over for lunch with me and my mom one day, and the rest is comic history. Comic, because Kate and I are fucking hilarious. When we are together, we are totally fucking hilarious. Just to tell you everything you need to know about Kate and I, she used to make me laugh hysterically by jumping on her bed with this giant Snuffleupagus stuffed toy she had as a pretend guitar, while we listened to the "Free to Be You and Me" soundtrack on her Mickey Mouse record player. And she also used to read me a book called Millicent the Monster in the most hilarious voices, and sometimes that would make me laugh hard enough to pee my pants. And when we were about 10, we used to religiously watch the Tim Conway show on television, and we would make these tapes of our own comedy act on my cassette recorder... Ahh, good times.

And then John from Toronto, who was basically my very first friend ever. He and his older brother David. Their family lived in the same tiny-ass town we lived in when I was a baby, up north of Vancouver. I think his dad worked for Anaconda -- I think everyone in that town did, because it was a small mining town. Anyway, when I was like 3 and John was like 2, we were best buddies. Lianne and David were best buddies, and the four of us were quite the quartet. They moved away to Ontario right before we moved to the States, but we always visited them when we would go to Cornwall to visit my grandparents -- we would fly into Toronto and spend some time with them before taking the train to Cornwall. John and David always held a certain mystique for my sister and I. They were cool Canadian boys who played hockey and had nice manners, but were still totally mischievous and fun to be around. And when they were older, they got hot (sorry, but they totally did, I'm not gonna lie), so it was always nice to have, like, John's picture on my bulletin board during high school and be able to tell my girlfriends that he was my friend John from Canada. I don't think I ever went so far as to pretend he was my boyfriend in Canada or anything, but I probably considered it.

Anyway, John and his mom are coming and I'm really looking forward to seeing them. Last time I saw John he and his friend Paul were coming through town on a road trip across the States, and we went drinking at the Breckenridge Brewery. I just remember it as being a really fun night. Like, you know how there's nothing all that special about drinking at the Breckenridge Brewery on an ordinary night, but there are just certain people who make everything so much more memorable and fun? That's how John and Paul were. They hustled some Bronco fans from New Mexico out of a few bucks at the pool table. That was pretty funny.

Rob's best friends Adam and Jenny will be here with their little kids. Adam and Jenny met at Rob's first wedding -- how funny is that! I can't wait to meet them -- I've spoken to Jenny on the phone a few times, but haven't met them yet. She and Rob have been friends for years -- since high school.

And of course Rob's mom will be here, who I always love to see. And his dad has decided he can make the trip after all, so I'll finally get to meet his dad.

And my Auntie Val is coming. I love Auntie Val. I could go on for days about Auntie Val and how sweet and fun and loving she is, and what amazing hair she always has.

And then just the particular group of people who are actually coming to the wedding -- it's really going to be an amazing, fun crowd. I think we're going to have a really nice time.

And of course I hope it's a wedding that all those people will say, on Monday at their offices or whatever, "Oh, the wedding was great. It wasn't other weddings we've been to." That's what we're shooting for.

Alcohol? Check. Geeks Who Drink pub quiz? Check. Yummy food? Check. Outstanding music? Check. Fun people? Check, check, check.

I guess we're ready.