Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas Wishes

Since I haven't posted anything reasonably entertaining for over a month, it shouldn't bother anyone if I take time out for the McEwen Family Christmas wish lists. So here goes...

Wondrous White Wines from the Vineyard (contact Sam for assistance on this one)

Merrell Tundra Boots at REI -- size 11 -- $99.95. Catalog #725-586. These only come in one color. He went into the store and found them, so presumably you can too, but here is a link to them on the REI website as well:

Gift card to Lands End
Gift card to Yankee Candle Company

Clothes (casual sweaters and tops) XL
Walkman (CD)
Gift certificate to Golf Galaxy or equivalent (to go towards a golf bag)


A large stockpot, like this one (Mom would know where to find this stuff without shopping online):

And a dutch oven, like this:

Those links were just for an idea; I don't care what brand or color they are as long as they're sturdy and well-made.

Rob: Rob was all cute and wrote a letter to his Secret Santa -- I'll just post it in its entirety...

Dear Secret Santa,

Here are some suggestions for me:

--Clothes. I'm guessing this is even more obvious to you than it is to me. My shirt size is either XL or 2X, preferably tall size if available. Pants are a bit tricky; I know I'm a 34 inseam, I'm pretty sure my waist is down to a 38-40 but I'm still losing weight. Consultmy fashion guru/love of my life Shannon if you need suggestions.

--A new watch. My current one is 8 years old and banged up almost to the point that I can't read the display. I don't have much of a preference as to style, just make sure the band is either cloth or leather with a buckle; the stretchy metal bands catch my armhairs.

--DVDs. Any seasons of South Park would be awesome. Also Talladega Nights, Little Miss Sunshine (if it's out), Clerks 2, Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man, Ghost World (an old fave of mine that I don't have on DVD yet), Shaun of the Dead

--An iTunes gift card.

Thanks, looking forward to celebrating Christmas with everybody, and happy shopping!


Okay, I had a hard time thinking of something fun that I wouldn't buy myself, but I want an I-Pod Shuffle to use for running and stuff. It's only $79 at the Apple store or online:

Otherwise, I desperately need some new clothes and ski stuff, so I wouldn't mind a gift certificate to REI or LL Bean.


Nate had an issue with getting his wish list to me in a timely fashion and I still haven't received an email he sent me this morning, so as soon as I receive it, I'll post his separately. I know it's snowboarding gloves and new lenses for his snowboarding goggles, but I don't know the exact details. :)

If anyone needs ideas for Daniel and Aspen, here are some:

Aspen could use clothes in the 3-6 month size. Also toys appropriate for an infant (these would be marked 0-6 months).

Daniel is still into superheroes, Mega Blocks Pyrates, and dinosaurs. He has expressed interest in a microscope as well, and he collects rocks and would also enjoy a stone polisher -- National Geographic Toys makes one that I've seen at Target.