Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pregnant People That I Don't Really Know

I've noticed in recent years that I always -- always -- know when someone is pregnant, even before they make it public. I don't mean celebrities or whatever, but like people in my life that I may or may not be really close to, or people whose blogs I follow. Because they think they're hiding it (there's the whole "Don't announce before 12 weeks" taboo we've got going on in our culture, because of the increasingly large percentage of early miscarriage in this country), and they're totally not, because they start to talk and act like pregnant women. Part of it is that they'll stop doing stuff they've always done, like drinking wine when everyone else is drinking wine, or staying up late on the scrapbooking retreat (hi, sister Stacey, hahahaha, I totally knew when you were pregnant, maybe even before you did!). And part of it is that they turn weirdly serene, and more introspective than they've ever been. Even the ones who are already really introspective -- they become even more so. It's so funny. And then I'll be sitting there in a room with them or reading their blog (Hello, dooce! Hello, She Just Walks Around With It!) and thinking, "She is talking like a pregnant woman. I bet she's totally knocked up."

And of course I am always correct, and three weeks later they're announcing it to everyone.

I'm so smart and in touch with the energy of those around me.

Anyway, congratulations to Heather at dooce and Kristy at She Just Walks Around With It. It's all very exciting and I'm unbelievably happy for you both... unbelievable because I don't really know you, but feel like I sort of do.

Wow. This post is dumber than I expected it to be. Oh well.