Friday, November 18, 2005

Ghoulies and Superheroes

Halloween!!! Let's see... Baby Cameron, who isn't such a baby anymore, is Bob the Builder. Our Batman is Grant; the ninja is Alex (maybe; it's tough to say!); Spiderman is, of course, Daniel; the rockin' cowgirl in the purple hat is Marlowe; and the creepy vampiras are Julia and Kira. Oddly, Julia and Kira swapped haircolors for the evening -- Julia's red hair was spray painted black, and Kira's dark hair was spraypainted red. Marlowe was so funny all evening -- she kept saying something like "We're totally off the hook, girlfriends!" I wonder what kind of mother teaches their kid to say something like that?? Haha. Daniel, for his part, got bored after about 6 or 7 houses and looks at me and says, "Are we just going to keep doing this???" Posted by Picasa

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melissa said...

(I don't know why this didn't work the first time...)

This picture is one of the reasons that Halloween is so awesome. Little kids are always so much fun in their costumes and all their excitement.

Oh geez! She probably learned that in school. I can't imagine any moms talking like that...except maybe mine...

Nothing better than spray on crazy colors for hair. :)