Friday, June 06, 2008

Seriously, I've Got Nothing

It's just that, my stupid post about The Bachelor season finale has been there for far too long with nothing to replace it, and it's actually becoming kind of embarrassing. People might think I actually watch The Bachelor, given that I posted about it after the first episode (which I did not watch in its entirety) and again after the finale (which I did watch in its entirety, technically speaking, since there was nothing else on as I attempted to channel-surf that night). More to the point, people might think I actually care about The Bachelor, and I don't. It was one night of my life, and my reaction to it was so different than all the people I know who do watch every episode and do actually kind of care about The Bachelor, that I just had to post.

So there, I've gone and done it -- essentially posted about The Bachelor, for a third time.

Methinks I doth protest too much, or something.

Heather at Dooce posted a video by the Doves, and I watched it and loved it, and then I was completely offended that I didn't already know about this band. I feel like a failure. They are everything that is perfect about BritPop.

I wish someone would post something that was so funny I would laugh until I was about to pee my pants.

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kt said...

i've known about the doves for years.. you should really pick my brain sometime if you want to hear good music ;)