Friday, December 04, 2009

Talk about a sentimental piece of holiday decor.

My son is not into art. Or crafts. He will do art when threatened with a trip to Mrs. Gray, the assistant principal. He will do crafts if he is well compensated... with cash. So I don't get much from him in the way of artwork to adorn my walls or my fridge or my cubicle at work. When he does throw me a bone in the way of bringing something home that resembles a painting of a sunflower, I promptly display it in the most prominent location I can find and keep it there about 4 years longer than necessary (actually, the sunflower painting isn't ever getting put away). You can imagine, then, how I feel about any Christmas ornaments he's made for me.

When he was 3 years old, he made me a bell. This bell is a styrofoam cup painted with gold glitter paint, with a little jingle bell strung inside it and a pipe cleaner hanger. He's not big into color, so the gold glitter paint was used sparingly on this bell. It is, of course, the finest bell ornament ever created, and I always find a special spot front and center on the tree for its display.

The following year, he made me a gingerbread snowman and tree. They are scented with cinnamon, and I keep them in a tin box in storage so they won't break. They smell delicious. They are -- of course -- the finest gingerbread snowman and tree ever created.

When he was 5, he painted a little wooden Christmas tree and, in a departure from his usual spare use of color, he coated it with red and green from top to bottom. It is stunning and perfect.

When he was 6, he made a snowman pin. I wear it on my winter coat.

When he was 7, he made another gingerbread tree. It's larger and thicker than the first one, and doesn't have quite as much scent. It has some funny shaped branches, just like a real tree. It is also perfect.

This year, he made a snowflake out of salt crystals. It is sparkling on my tree as I type this, right near the front, two thirds of the way to the top. Right next to the bell and the gingerbread snowman. I love it.

It's difficult to choose a favorite, though.

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