Sunday, January 24, 2010

You know it was a lame weekend when...

... the most exciting thing you did was go to a meeting at work on Saturday afternoon.

... even cleaning started to seem fun.

... you got your scrapbooking supplies organized for a crop that's several days away.

... you checked out 5 books at the library...

... and it didn't even bother you that one of them has what looks to be a booger in back.

... it was THIS easy to root for football teams you don't even care about.

... you couldn't even muster up the energy to take a proper nap.


T said...

Not being able to nap correctly is serious indeed.

Sheri said...

When checking out a library book, there are times I wonder who had it before me and where were they reading bed, in the shower, etc. Haven't yet found a booger, but it sounds incredibly icky!

It's probably best NOT to think about it.

Hopefully this weekend will be a lot more exciting -- NO work meetings, cleaning or scrap-booking allowed!