Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ahh, Wednesday...

Wednesday, always the most annoying day of the week. The day upon which things at work are always in full stressful swing because it is the middle of the week after all. The day upon which I start to feel tired. Not sure who I think I'm kidding though -- I'm usually tired these days. All that pumping of iron at the gym... suffice to say, I'm just not used to it. My muscles aren't used to it, either.

And then, as it's almost Easter, it's like the weather here in Colorado just has to get shitty, doesn't it? Heaven forefend we ever have a holiday where kids want to have fun collecting candy around here without freezing drizzle and a temperature below 40 degrees (fahrenheit, my little Canadian friends). All I ask is for one freakin' Easter egg hunt in the back yard instead of the living room before my son's too old to bother. That's it -- just one. Please.

I guess I could get really morose and dwell on the fact that the weather looked exactly like this after the Columbine shootings, and try to draw some parallel between that and the Red Lake shootings earlier this week. But you know what? I've given up. I'm just not going to get morose about that kind of thing any more. I'm not going to join any single one of you in your chorus of "Oh my God, what do we do??" I'm not. I've had enough. We've had a long time to fix this problem, enough time actually, and yet here we are, still allowing our children to dwell in desolation, making them believe that only an act of serious desperation is the answer to the hell in which they're living. So I'm not joining in this time. Work it out, the rest of you. I'm just going to raise my son, thank you very much.

And here's the part where I'd like to raise a big "Screw you" to Congress for their little emergency action last Sunday on the Terri Schiavo "issue." What a load of old tosh -- "the sanctity of life." The sanctity of the pockets of the Republican party being lined with Born Again Christian cash, more like. This whole thing is ridiculous. Let the poor woman die with a little dignity, a little privacy. Let her family get on with grieving instead of giving them little kernels of hope. Or let Jeb Bush adopt her already and keep me and my tax dollars the hell out of it.

Here's the deal: death and dying are part of life. To achieve respect for the sanctity of life, we really need to come to terms with the sanctity of death as well. These people talk about what God wants and speak on His behalf -- and yet, a major part of believing in God is that we can set aside our fear of death, because he's going to see us through it, and be with us, and we're going to get to be with him eternally once the physical part of it ends. Terri Schiavo's dying right now, that's true -- she's starving to death, and to us, we have to assume that's painful. But how can you sit there and tell me you believe in God and Jesus Christ and then think that he's going to let this woman be in pain? How can you not also believe that He's right there beside her in that hospice room, holding her in His arms? Taking away her pain and suffering? Come on -- make up your minds. Have faith or don't. Don't change the rules as you go. Better yet, if you're going to lead this country we live in, don't just make them up as you go.

Rant done. Don't ask me to repeat it.

Top 9 Bands of the Week:

1). Stereophonics
2). The Kaiser Chiefs
3). U2. Duh.
4). The Who
5). Tori Amos (no, she's not really a band, is she? But as this is MY journal...)
6). Green Day
7). Keane (got a little soft spot for them, I do)
8). The Fray
9). Moby (no, not really a band either. See how zany I am!)

Sorry, but going for a full 10 messes up the look of things.

Peace, out.


the REAL Tristen said...

The Sanctity of Life. I bet you the cash I don't have that if any ONE of those Born Again Christian (who make the real "love your neighbor folks" like myself...not to boast, look bad) right winged Republican FUCKS (can I say that here...or should I pull a Doonsebury and write F*@! instead? Please advise...) were Teri's husband, they would see things MUCH differently...of course, they'd just go ahead and marry someone else without thinking about their religious beliefs (it's a front) (Schiavo's husband is a devout Catholic and cannot re-marry in the church if Teri is alive...which is ANOTHER load of shit - but don't get my ass started on the Catholic church...) - or hell, they'd probably have been cheating on her the whole time, so what's the worry...just so long as everything is kept "secret" - until which time it is not and they end up "asking God for forgiveness..." (bullshit...they just got caught!) and saying that they didn't have the strength to deal with such a burden, blah, blah, blah...

So, if any ONE of those assholes wants to work in a group home for the disabled, and then admit that they wouldn't mind doing that work 24-7 for a spouse or loved one...THEN maybe I'll take their "sanctity of life" bullshit argument...until then - I guess they'll all just keep spouting their hypocrisy like Vesuvius!

Shannon said...

Thank you. I'd expect nothing less than reason from the daughter of Hunter S. Thompson's Heir Apparent.