Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Seven Dwarfs as Metaphor for Allergy Symptoms

It occurred to me a few moments ago, whilst describing my allergy symptoms to someone, that each of them matched in name one of the Seven Dwarfs, of Snow White/Disney fame.

Sneezy: because, well, duhhh... allergies make you sneeze.
Grumpy: because allergies make you grumpy, sometimes just due to the sinus pressure, sometimes just because you don't sleep well.
Sleepy: this happens after you take your allergy medicine.
Doc: this is who you see to be told that you can't take more than two Allegra daily and basically you're screwed.
Happy: this is how you feel after sneaking a third Allegra.
Dopey: this is how you feel after you're forced to take a Benadryl because nothing else is working.
Bashful: this is how you feel at work after blowing your nose in your cubicle six thousand times before noon. Because face it, no one probably wants to listen to your blow your nose all day, but you have to do it so often, it's either blow it in Cube, or spend the entire day in the loo.

Not sure where and if Snow White figures in.


melissa said...

Oh, that's hilarious! I've never even considered that! Maybe Snow White is kind of like Sleepy---you overdose on medication and sleep forever?

Lloyd said...

The best analysis of Snow White symbolism I've seen yet. And of course, Snow White represents pollen.

Actually getting back to you over your comments on Tennyson in my blog. You're right - not much Tennyson in the blogisphere. Thanks for visiting Fieldtrips.