Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Chickens! Eggs! Easter! Fun!

Every spring at Daniel's school, they incubate some chicken eggs and see how many chickens hatch. This year, they got nine. Here's Daniel with some of the baby chicks -- I realize that they're hard to see but if you look into the cage just to the right of his hand at the bottom of the photo, there's a little yellow and brown chick right there. The kids love it; it's so exciting to see how the chicks hatch right from the eggs. This always happens right around the week of Easter.
In the photo above, you can sort of see a little black fluffball right in the middle of the picture, inside the incubator next to a broken eggshell. He had just hatched one afternoon when I picked Daniel up at school. He turned out to be the biggest chick of the nine that hatched. Once the chicks are old enough, they are donated to the Urban Farm, where they have an egg dairy. The kids get to go visit them on the farm in a couple of weeks.

Daniel never likes to goof off! Here he is waiting for the church Easter egg hunt to begin. On the Saturday before Easter, our church has a Resurrection Celebration including an egg hunt. There are crafts, games, eggs to dye, all kinds of fun things to do. Daniel wasn't having any of it -- he was there to hunt eggs, and only hunt eggs. We did convince him to dye a couple of eggs, but that was it -- otherwise, it was all about the egg hunt. It was actually pretty funny, the singlemindedness of it all.
A whole bucketful!
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Georgias Maximus, Feline Esq. said...

Of course it's about the HUNT, and nothing else. What were you thinking, Mom?

Crafts are Chick stuff... ;->