Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's Almost My Birthday

I was just looking over my resolutions and they seem pretty keep-able. I've been thinking a lot about the tattoo, and I think I know what I'm going to get. I'm dead serious about going to Miami Ink, and I'm going to get a tat from Kat, who does really amazing portraits. And I think I'm going to get my two grandmothers on my arm, using photos of them from the early 1940s. It'll be so amazing.

Daniel has informed me that he's going to have Yohji do a tattoo for him when he's old enough. He's all, "Yohji rocks! Kat's boring!" I love it when Daniel get all hip on me.

Rob's mad because I still haven't posted his Proust questionnaire.

The Astronaut Farmer looks like a terrible movie. I mean, the only redeeming feature is Billy Bob Thornton, and I think we all know that's not necessarily a good thing.

See, this is what I usually do in my LiveJournal and don't subject the rest of you to. But I was feeling all bloggy tonight.

I've got frickin' All American Rejects' "This Ends Tonight" stuck in my head. Not cool.

I got the teensiest bit of laundry detergent on my lip earlier (long story short: it got on my fingers, I wiped most of it off, but missed some, and scratched my mouth or something and got it on my lip) and then licked it off and swallowed it, and so now I've been tasting damn laundry detergent for like an entire hour.

I'm not feeling American Idol yet this year. Usually I'm excited about SOMEONE by this stage in the game, but no. All I can muster is something resembling enthusiasm for Chris Sligh, who totally rocks.

I'm having a bowling party for my birthday on Saturday. I'm so excited. What's so hilarious is how excited people are about coming! If I'd known that all it took was mere mention of the word "bowling" to get a bunch of fun friends in one room, I'd have hosted a bowling party much sooner. Of course, Rob, Daniel and I suck at bowling, but we have a blast doing it. Apparently some of the party attendees are really good bowlers, so I'm hoping they'll kick my ass on my birthday. Something sick in my personality thinks that would be so funny.

I'm itchy. Specifically, my pinkie finger is itchy. How weird is that? An itchy finger. That seems odd.


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday! :D Have fun bowling. Bowling rocks!

Georgias Maximus, Feline Esq. said...

Hope you had a great b-day party and an awesome birth month.