Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I can hear all of you snarking about how amazing it is that I've actually posted something new...

I've decided to take a page out of my sister's blog and make some New Year's resolutions. Except for me, the new year never really truly starts until closer to my birthday, so it's perfectly okay that I'm only just making the resolutions. So here they are:

1) Quit thinking that homework in kindergarten is stupid and just get it done.

2) Get to work on time more than twice a week.

3) Go a little deeper than "I love you" when I'm talking to Rob. I'm sure he'll understand.

4) Start saving up for my Miami Ink tattoo. I'm thinking Daniel's face on my upper arm. But I will likely chicken out and get it on my back...

5) Don't chicken out -- get the tattoo where I want it.

6) Keep better track of the books I read. Last year, I read about 100 books but only managed to write anything down about maybe 30 of them. Lame.

7) Figure out what the hell is wrong with the big toe on my right foot.

8) Finish reading U2 By U2 by the end of February (that one's for you, Trentster!).

9) Exercise.

10) Eat better food.

11) Learn to cook Indian food.

12) Work on my novel.

13) Put the Christmas decorations away before St. Patrick's Day.

14) Get car fixed.

15) Win more trivia contests. It feels good to win trivia contests. Or get second place when there's decent money on the line... Google "Geek Bowl 2007" for details... Being a geek is totally fun.

16) Speaking of being a geek, get really good costumes for Renaissance Fest.

17) Figure out long term solution for sensitive skin. Am tired of breaking out in hives at the slightest provocation.

18) Stay in better touch with people who live far away. For example, I haven't sent out Christmas cards since Hal and I were together. That's not on.

19) Brainwash my niece into liking good music. Of course, maybe this can wait a year or two, but really, it's important to begin early or people wind up like her dad, listening to KOSI 101.

20) Drink more tea.

21) Quit letting Daniel watch inappropriate television (i.e. Heroes, Lost, The O.C.).

22) Seriously: WTF is wrong with my big toe? It just gets worse and worse.

23) Stop judging grown women who talk like infants. I'm sure they're lovely people deep down.

24) Set some new goals.

25) Get addresses changed on ALL magazine subscriptions, not just the three I've done...

26) Blog more often.

27) Make final decision as to whether or not I'm going to become an American citizen before 2008 Presidential election.

28) Buy more shoes.

29) Stop prioritizing t.v. shows.

30) Prioritize comics instead.

31) Host "Potter Party" for fellow HP geeks on July 21st.

32) Get something fabulous done with my hair.

33) Buy bookcases.

34) Learn how to bowl properly. Am certain it will still be fun if done properly.

35) Stop fantasizing about Captain America. And Tony Stark. And Bruce Wayne. And Supergirl. They are comic book characters and therefore inappropriate to fantasize about.

36) Put more effort into photography.

37) Only make resolutions I'm capable of keeping.

There -- I'll be 37 on my birthday, so 37 resolutions it is.

Stay tuned for some pic spam and a Proust Questionnaire from the love of my life. The bald one, not the short one.


S.L. Peterson said...

I like the resolution to ensure that your niece learns to appreciate good music. I'm already taking measures to mitigate Nate's bad influence =)

David said...

I resolved to answer comments about my posts. Sent an answer but it was returned. All the best David of Puchspot.

Melissa said...

Those are all really good resolutions. Get the tattoo, go to the doctor about your toe (if it's not better soon), and finish your novel because the parts you sent me were really great!

I did 25 minutes on the elliptical today and burned 415 calories. Winter has turned me into a sow.

David said...

Posted the answer to the question you asked me on my blog (the one I sent but which was returned). My knowledge of what you can and can't do through blog communication is obviously limited. All the best David of puchspot.blogspot.com I will now go and watch the Antiques Roadshow and later attend the Quiz

Georgias Maximus, Feline Esq. said...

So was this intended as a list of resolutions or just a "To Do" list, or some amalgam? And does repetition count? Of course it does as you are marking yet another prime number age. :-> By the way, does this mean you'll be updating your profile again? ;->