Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sexy British Male Update

I had to call the sexy-voiced British underwriter again this week, and he took the time for an impromptu history lesson about the ISO General Liability form and how it's come to not exclude explosion, collapse, and underground resources. I didn't have the heart to interrupt him and let him know that I already knew these things, mainly because his voice is so mesmerizing. I mean, why doesn't he teach insurance continuing education?? I just spent the worst three days of my insurance life at a continuing ed seminar taught by some of the most dull people (okay, only one of them was dull, the other two were all right, but the dull one ruined the whole thing for the two were okay) on the planet. If this guy were teaching a seminar, I would be the genius of my office, because I would hang on every word and never forget the particular lilt that accompanied each one.

I wonder if Rob would go to an acting coach and learn to speak in a convincing British accent?


evil rob said...

(Note to self...)

Ms Hush-Hush said...

Sexy British accents... being a Brit myself I reckon we're alright but I do have a particular soft spot for a Texan drawl. Be still my beating heart.