Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For Today

Ali Edwards posted this on her blog and I thought it might be fun to do it too.

Outside my window... the sun is going to down and the sky is that grey shade of blue, with some clouds drifting past.

I am thinking... about all the movies I want to see. Harry Potter; Transformers; Bruno; all the ones we missed while I was unemployed... it could take weeks to get caught up!

I am thankful for... my new job. And The Pook and Rob.

From the kitchen... Nothing tonight. Ronald McDonald was at the local McDonald's and The Pook insisted on seeing him, so we ate there. I'll cook tomorrow night, I guess.

I am wearing... jammies. Roots t-shirt and cotton pants. And slippers. The a/c makes my feet freeze.

I am creating... just this blog entry. But I'm thinking awfully hard about scrapbook layouts...

I am going... to the Renaissance Festival this Sunday. That means it's finally truly summer!

I am hoping... that I can get some extra sleep this weekend, as I've been weirdly exhausted since starting the new job. I didn't realize that it would be so difficult to get back into the swing of using my brain all day.

I am hearing... a commercial for Fruit Loops on the television.

Around the house... it is reasonably tidy, save a basket of clean laundry here and there. And The Pook's room.

One of my favorite things... is goofing off with Genius playlists in iTunes.

A few plans for the rest of the week... work tomorrow and Friday, hang with Rob, The Pook off to his dad's for the weekend, Ren Fest on Sunday, bake Edyn a birthday cake on Sunday evening.

A picture to share...


Rob said...

I can honestly say I do not remember that particular juncture in the evening.

Shannon said...

It was shortly after you did The Robot.