Saturday, September 05, 2009

Lotta Pacing Back and Forth, Not Much Material

That is a quote from David Spade, who was on a comedy show bill with Jon Stewart and Dennis Miller way back in 1993 -- one of the best comedy shows I've ever seen, incidentally. David Spade had so little material prepared for his 30-minute set that he started taking requests from the audience for bits, and I was in the front row and requested "Gap Girls," which he obliged. But that's a damn funny person -- someone who can come out in front of 2,000 people and make them laugh hysterically even though they've got nothing. Oh, and this was before Jon Stewart was way famous, but he had had his late night show on MTV, and he was wandering around before the show started and I was like, "Hey, you're Jon Stewart!" and he stopped to talk to me and my boyfriend, and made jokes about how it looked like we were all at a keg party because the theatre sold beer in red plastic cups like you get free with the purchase of a keg. And he was so nice and funny, and I remember thinking that I hoped he became a big huge star someday because he was not lame like so many of the big huge stars of that time.

So but that's how I feel right now -- lotta pacing, not much material. But I feel as if I should post SOMEthing. And I feel like posting. It's just that I feel like I have nothing to say. I mean, there are plenty of things I could rant about, sure. I'm so tired of all the lies and vitriol in the health care debate, for one -- perfectly normal, intelligent-seeming people have shown their true ignorant colors in the last few weeks, and it's really disturbing to me. And then there's this whole LUDICROUS "issue" with the address President Obama is sharing with schoolchildren. I mean, it's disgusting to me how some people have managed to completely turn it into some ugly political game, and made it look like he's some disgusting pervert being given unprecedented access to our children... I mean, if you've seen any of the debate, that's the issue that people seem to have, that the President of the United States shouldn't be allowed near their children. He might touch them inappropriately... through a television monitor, from thousands of miles away. Or he might instantaneously convert them to socialism.

Or he might turn them black. And I think you and I both know that that's what the "debate" really boils down to in this situation. I think there is a huge segment of the population who are still totally pissed off that they've gotten themselves stuck on a planet where a black man was allowed to become President of the United States. I made the unfortunate mistake of reading comments about the "issue" on MSNBC yesterday afternoon, and to a person, the people who were against the address being shown in schools were making hateful racist comments or channeling that moron Glen Beck and calling President Obama a racist. It takes one to know one, I guess.

But I don't really have anything to add or subtract from either of the political shitstorms raging right now, and I've gotten past my bitter hatred for the stupid people perpetuating all of it, so I'll just leave it now. I'm just glad I can come on my own blog and call people out for being stupid and moronic and assholey.

Hey, maybe that's what I'll do. Post this on my Facebook and tell everyone they don't have to play nice here.

Excellent plan.


Stacey Peterson said...

The most shocking thing to me about the whole school speech issue is how many otherwise normal people I know are against it - like, I'm shocked everyday on Facebook to see which people are coming out of the woodwork with negative commments. Since when did it become such a bad thing for the PRESIDENT of our country to address children about the importance of freaking education? And although I think some of them are just racist, I also think a lot of it is conservative religious brainwashing, like Obama is the antichrist or something, and that bugs me even more. Grrr...

Shannon said...

I know. Yesterday it was all literally making my blood boil. Today, it all just depresses me. It's like we take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back all the time in this country.

Stacey Peterson said...

Did you read the speech? It's really good - I honestly can't see how anyone could argue with any of it being a good message for kids: