Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Diet Pepsi. Christmas lights. Warm brownies. The Pook. Robbie Roo. Books. HD. Canada Dry. Vaccines. Having a job. And health insurance. Stuffed animals. Chubby cheeked babies. Denver Broncos. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Scrapbooking paper. My camera. Geeks Who Drink. Zantac. U2. Puppies. Fine point pens. Mom and Dad. Chicken. Sunflower Market. Rolling Stone Magazine. Masterpiece Theatre. The Tattered Cover. President Obama. Sisters. Brothers-in-law. Princess and Burrito Boy. Glee. Soy Delicious ice creams. Le Creuset cookware. Comics. Black picture frames. Ford Focus. Pita chips. Friends. Words. Van Morrison. Red. Figure skating. Italy. Honeycrisp apples. Santa. Harry Potter. Outlander. Bad television advertising. Romantic comedies. Cake. Hockey. Canada. Family.

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