Sunday, February 13, 2011

But at least we got the tree down.

The house is still kind of messy. But at least we got the tree down. It's amazing how much better that makes me feel. I mean, we were out of town for two weeks right after Christmas, so it's not like we really had the time or inclination to take it down before we left, but I didn't realize how annoyed I'd be by it once we got back. I mean, I've intentionally left my tree up till Valentine's Day before, so what makes this year any different?

Clutter. That's what makes it different.

It's not that I view the tree as clutter. It's that placing our tree causes other clutter to get shoved behind the couch in a pile. And we don't really have a lot of good places for the other Christmas decorations to go, so they were all cluttering up the bookshelves and stuff. And it was just annoying.

Also, I realized yesterday that we need at least three new bookcases.

That damn Ikea in Park Meadows can't open soon enough.

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