Wednesday, February 22, 2006

For the record, I LOVE Scott Hamilton!!

My comment below about Scott Hamilton was misinterpreted and I feel that I need to set the record straight as I'm getting waaaayyyyyy too many emails (uh, would it KILL any of you people to make your comments here instead of emailing me???) springing to his defense. So, here is what I meant by my comment in my Figure Skating Rant: when Scott won the Olympics in 1984, he was the first person to admit that his performance was not the best program he had ever skated; he left the ice and actually apologized to his coach. In newspaper articles following his return to Denver after those games, he was quoted explaining all this and saying he wished he'd skated a better program. The other night, when I was watching the men's long program, he made a somewhat snarky comment (although nothing approaching the bitchiness of Dick Button) about how the performances were generally pretty lackluster and disappointing for an Olympic competition. It was this comment which made me want to remind him of his own history, which I think is crucial for the commentators to bring to the table if they want to be liked by the viewers.

I was not attacking Scott Hamilton or his character; I in fact love Scott Hamilton and have never been a bigger fan of any other skater, ever, not even Dorothy Hamill (who was my childhood favorite but totally replaced by Scott when he hit the scene). For a time, we skated at the same rink, and he was friends with my coach, and he was always so friendly to anyone and everyone, young or old, good skater or shitty skater. As I mentioned in a comment below, he was once standing there talking to my coach when I was practicing at a competition, and I was having trouble with one of my jumps and he just threw in some very helpful, unsolicited advice; he could have not said a word, but instead he did because he's that kind of person. And there's not a soul you could find out there who would tell you that he's not one of the nicest people on the planet (with the possible exception of clearly on crack Tristen), even to this day. Everyone in skating loves him. Loves him.

But, in case I didn't make it clear, Dick Button is the Devil and Peggy Fleming is a dork.


melissa said...

Who the hell is emailing you? lmao

Shannon said...

Oh god. You want, like, a detailed list? And then I was attacked about it at dinner last night by all of those people too. I didn't realize that so many people actually READ my stupid blog.

Georgias Maximus, Feline Esq. said...

You really should implement the counter. It can unobtrusively tell you who visits, when, and where they are from. You can see the page from which they surfed to get to yours, too, if you like. If companies are doing it to you, you might as well get a peek at what kinds of info they can get on you for free, never mind what they get for a fee.

Shannon said...

No, these are all from friends who don't comment here from one reason or another.