Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More Pookish Fun

So, the Pooker's Nana spoils him rotten, a case in point being that she was out and about shopping at Target or some such store, and just happened by the toy aisle where she just happened to see a new Mega Blocks Pyrates set, with a raft made from shipwrecked wood and a feisty large shark capable of chomping on the mini-Pyrate figurines. And she, being as big a sucker for Pooker's big brown eyes as I am, bought it for him as a Valentine's Day gift. So here he is with the shark, demonstrating its chomping capabilities. And Daniel has been going around showing this toy off to anyone who will look at it for the last week, always making sure to add, "My Nana got it for me because my Nana spoils me up." Indeed she does.

And here, Daniel gives two thumbs up during a viewing of our favorite cartoon, The Batman. On the right, you can see my lovely new living room piece, Hot Wheels Gorilla Attack. It's available at Pottery Barn for 100 bucks.

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Georgias Maximus, Feline Esq. said...

I wanna Hot Wheels Gorilla Attack!

melissa said...

ME TOO! That rocks! :D