Monday, July 03, 2006

Mini Road Trip

So yesterday my new boyfriend (Evil Rob) and I went on a little mini road trip, just for something to do. We drove up into the mountains and into Minturn and then up over Tennessee Pass. The weather in the mountains was kind of cold and weird -- sunny spots one minute and storm clouds the next.

I took these pictures in an attempt to improve my scenic photography abilities. I have no idea where this place is, exactly, but the mountain in the background is called Mt. Massive. Yep, Mt. Massive. No joke. Anyway, I think these look pretty good, given my history of sucking at photographing scenery. I love the contrast between the grey sky and the uber-green grass. And the cows are pretty cool too. Better than llamas, I'm told. None of the cows bit me, at any rate.

So in general, road tripping with Evil Rob was pretty fun. He didn't mind stopping every five minutes for me to get and take pictures, and he totally didn't mind the fact that I'll sit in the car and drink like 19 diet Pepsis and then ask him to stop someplace so I can pee. Evil Rob and I will never have music-listening issues in the car because we both bring to the table the most kick ass taste in music imaginable. I mean, I think he might draw the line at being forced to listen to the Rent soundtrack on a long drive, but one never knows. I will obviously try this one out at some point and get back to you all with the results.

Also, when he sings along to Coldplay, he sounds really good.

So I'm sitting at work. There are 9 of us here out of a possible 23. I believe we are one of maybe 4 offices in the entire building open today. I've had one phone call but it was from Dustin so it doesn't count since he only called from across the office. I bet it's totally worth it for us to be open today.

But at least there was no traffic on the way in!! Woot! Posted by Picasa


Georgias Maximus, Feline Esq. said...

Hm... interesting efforts... I like the second better than the first because the clearer focus on the building provides a thought-provoking contrast to the snow-tipped mountain range in the background. Unfortunately, I don't know that your equipment is quite up to capturing the contrast between clouds and grass that you seek, though I do quite like the concept.

Evil Rob said...

For the record, in case any of my friends happen upon this blog, I must say for myself that I also sing along to Metallica, the White Stripes, Tom Waits, and other bands/artists that were not used as insults in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

That aside though, Shannon makes a most excellent co-pilot!

melissa said...

He speaks! Hello, evil Rob!

I hear you have excellent taste in music and it does, in fact, appear that way. :D

Mt. Massive. *snerk*