Friday, July 14, 2006

Daniel's Head: Not So Deformed After All

Well, no, I don't actually have photographic proof of this yet or anything. But I did take Daniel for a haircut on Monday night and let the lady clipper it to within a half inch of its life, and it looks really good! I don't think his head is as deformed as I thought it was. Maybe it's rounded off in places as he's grown? I don't know how skull-formation works. But I am truly pleased to know that we can do crew-cuts without any major issues, and that the whole Halloween costume in the works will be fine (it involves shaving his head completely, which he is totally excited about and would rather do right now than wait till October).

For posterity, the photo that I already emailed to most of you is above. I cannot wait to do a scrapbook page about this one. About The Look. It kills me -- kills me -- that he is only 5 and can achieve this expression while wearing sunglasses. I wonder if the personality would translate to the big screen? Maybe I should become one of those parents who push their kids into show business just to make money off them.

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